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Templates Team


Active Member
Nov 5, 2017
In your idea, one has to scout the base and then comeback and choose squad and press attack button. This can be avoided.

When we scout a base, there should be an icon on the left bottom side (near the current squad icons) which should directly open the truck menu. In that we can select the truck and choose the squad. Then directly press attack button on the right bottom side of the opponent base (Which is already existing).

Also, FTX should allow us to save three different troop combinations on the three trucks. Instead of instant troop regeneration (which is the case during wars and raid events), they can take their time as per the Troop parameters.

If that is done, we can hit three bases in a row (even if all troops die in each battle irrespective of success/failure)

@Ben - FTX Games


Jan 8, 2018
This is my proposal that would help all the players. Which is yours?
The game is already filled with a lot of bad UI. We don't need more of that. It'll be better if there's some sort of version that allows you to pick your sicarios team like you pick your saved base layout.

A few examples:
1) scrolling a lot to hit revenges
2) scrolling a lot to assign sicarios
3) scrolling a lot to sell items

P.s... we also need you to have some sense of humor.