Find out more about FTX Games unique approach to publishing.
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Find out more about FTX Games unique approach to publishing.
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FTX Games pairs the biggest media properties in the business with game developers who have a proven track record of success to create AAA mobile games that are wildly successful. We’re aggressively looking for teams to add to our portfolio of partners.

Blockbuster Franchises, Best In Class Games

FTX has spent the past 12 years shepherding top-line intellectual property from concept to successful launch while delivering exceptional brand integrity. This track record has earned us unparalleled access to premiere film, television and streaming media properties.

Live Operations

Releases are tightly coordinated with studio theatrical marketing, seasoned community managers guide audience relations, and world-class UA & analytics experts optimize your game to maximize returns.

Full Service Publishing

From funding to production management to soft launch optimization, our resources are your resources. Whether you need full development support or simply user acquisition assistance, our award-winning team can customize a publishing relationship that maps best to your organizational imperatives.

Platform Relations

FTX delivers top-line featuring on iOS and Android app stores as well as deep insight into platform performance. We’ve worked with the platforms on a dozen titles over a decade and have relationships that can’t be built overnight.


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We’re always looking for world class studios to add to our portfolio of partners.

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