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Recent content by Ben - FTX Games

  1. Ben - FTX Games

    Give Us Your Feedback!

    Narcos: Cartel Wars has many different events and activities! We would like to hear from our players what they think of each of these events and give us suggestions for improvements as well as future content. Please fill out this feedback form to help us improve and grow Narcos: Cartel Wars! -...
  2. Ben - FTX Games

    Trouble with purchase, and game crash

    Hello @Cons07134, Relating to your funds this is a Google Play issue. yesterday they had an outage which dropped the ability to purchase in many apps including ours. However, I looked on Google Play and found this support tip https://support.google.com/store/answer/6160259?hl=en If you are an...
  3. Ben - FTX Games

    The walking dead slots/payouts

    Hello @Cons07134, I did a little digging and I can see from your logs that all of your winnings from every tournament that you have participated in have been claimed correctly. A few weeks ago there was an issue that slowed down the payout of tournament winnings, but as support mentioned this...
  4. Ben - FTX Games

    David nonsense no fun :/

    Hello @ze roberto, yes you're right we have had time. Time in which we have been able to see how the shield generator would influence gameplay. Thank you for your feedback.
  5. Ben - FTX Games

    Tournament not paying out.

    This issue has been fixed! Please update your game.
  6. Ben - FTX Games

    Be carefull about breaking bad game

    Please be aware that we have specific forum rules to abide by. If you cannot follow these simple forum rules you are warned, and eventually banned. Know that we read everything and take note of rule infractions. Should you need to brush up on the rules set forth they can be seen here. I welcome...
  7. Ben - FTX Games

    Game freezing during attacks

    The email address for our support team is narcos@ftxgames.com
  8. Ben - FTX Games

    Game freezing during attacks

    As I see you are having this discussion with @April - FTX Games in another thread, I would ask that you keep this tread on topic. Additionally, as we have stated before our Offerwall is a partnership with another company, IronSource, and each request is a discussion between our support and...
  9. Ben - FTX Games

    Game freezing during attacks

    @Cheyo Since you are still experiencing issues, I'll have to ask you to submit a customer service report. The more detail you can give the quicker we'll be able to find a solution. Preferably if you could use the in-game submission this will help the most as it will send your logs to the support...
  10. Ben - FTX Games

    Game freezing during attacks

    We did have an issue arise overnight. But I am told that our development team has already pushed a fix for it. Can you confirm that you are no longer afflicted by this issue?
  11. Ben - FTX Games

    Emails 4 coins

    @Dragonlady I believe what you are referring too is the Timed Quest, with easy, medium, and hard. I can pass your suggestion on to our dev team. As for the Survivor reel, I like your suggestion on the wording. I too will bring this to the team for review. Thank you for your input!
  12. Ben - FTX Games

    Speed Ups

    Tampico, solid clarification, and H2O good suggestion I will bring that up at our next product call.
  13. Ben - FTX Games

    NO BRBA Thread?

    Hello Zyro92, Did your wife pre-order Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements? If so I recommend unregistering and then the download should open. The preregistration rewards will still be available for her under the "New" tab. It is ok for now where you posted, I will move it to the proper thread...
  14. Ben - FTX Games

    Lack of Response From Support?

    La Slice, could you DM me which email you have linked to your game? I have searched our support channels with the email that you signed up to the forum with and only found the one from January that April mentioned.
  15. Ben - FTX Games

    inconformidad con la atención a las solicitudes

    Hello, @katerva, thank you for your feedback regarding our support's response time. I will send them a request to take a look at your request. Have a great day!