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Recent content by Ben - FTX Games

  1. Ben - FTX Games

    Gold offer walls

    Hey there @Narcobuster this question has surfaced in many threads over the last few months. Check out this article <-----. Apple stopped allowing the use of the offers that create bountiful gold to be made. Unfortunately, we (FTX) have zero control over this, and b/c we continue to provide the...
  2. Ben - FTX Games

    All supply runs are 20 hours

    @Brandel At the start of the Hero Season when your heroes have yet to gain any experience the Supply Run time is 20 hours. As your heroes progress and level up so to will they decrease the time needed to complete Supply Runs.
  3. Ben - FTX Games


    Any Fuel will carry over to the new hero season, as well as any hero season to come. Chests and Hero experience is reset as a new season has begun with a new set of heroes to level up.
  4. Ben - FTX Games

    These game owners are Scammers

    You were reported for swearing by another member of the forums. Please take a look at our Forum Rules here. In most cases, the word or words are merely deleted to allow for the post to show intent without the use of the negated words. Please take your word choice into consideration the next time...
  5. Ben - FTX Games

    These game owners are Scammers

    All cards are released and have been since the update went live. All blue and gold, cards have the same chance to drop. Red cards have the same chances while within the different challenges to gain them.
  6. Ben - FTX Games

    List of cards dont have

    If you go into Daryl's Red Card page, you can see where each card will come from. Specifically, the 2-star reds come from featured Hero machines, any featured machine. So again, it doesn't matter which machine you choose to play, it just matters that you play one of the featured machines. Just...
  7. Ben - FTX Games

    TwD cards

    Thank you for your feedback. TWD Cards will eventually rotate out like the hero seasons, and something else will rotate in. We hope you enjoy our next evet!
  8. Ben - FTX Games

    List of cards dont have

    Unless Kingdom is one of the Hero Machines selected during the event, which is noted by a red badge on the machine's lobby tile, there isn't a better chance at winning specific cards from playing specific machines.
  9. Ben - FTX Games

    Smokescreen tip for newer players

    Smoke is to provide cover for your marching troops. Dropping smoke on the actual defensive structure does not work. The idea is you want to make a line of smoke that covers your troops as you tell them where to move.
  10. Ben - FTX Games

    Wrong prize

    @ShakeyDclown Our support team would love to see the ss and would be happy to assist you. Could you please be so kind as to send them a ticket from inside the game? Support will need your identification numbers to be able to look up your account. This can be done from within the game by clicking...
  11. Ben - FTX Games

    Crash landing

    Hello, the developers are aware of this and are working hard to correct the issue. I will update when the Timed Quest is able to be repeated again.
  12. Ben - FTX Games

    When are the games. For hero cards starting?

    Hello @Krimsingoste the Hero Machines is an event like the Golden Hunt or the Dice Game, as we approach the holiday season this new event will take place and give you a chance at the much sought after Red Hero Cards. Stay tuned!
  13. Ben - FTX Games

    Dont understand the trading post.

    When you come back after the trade is completed, you'll get to spin the wheel and the rewards on the wheel are what is multiplied by 40. Each trade (1 hour, 3 hours, 8 hours) has progressively bigger prizes on their wheel. You can also tap the "i" next to the "Redeemed" in the star bar for more...
  14. Ben - FTX Games

    Confused about the new DARRYL's Collection twd card game

    This is the new event instead of Hero Seasons, it is meant to take some time.
  15. Ben - FTX Games

    RPG Event

    Hello @slide_x our support team would be the best to help you here. You can reach them by clicking the Gear in the top right corner, then clicking "Get Help" and finally "Contact Us".