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@chase-ftx games

  1. Dęăťh fřóm Ąbøvĕ

    Must Read: Solution For Warden Tower

    Well! As there are many many negative and imbalance comments on the latest update which is, The Introduction of Warden Tower. @Chase - FTX Games and @Ben - FTX Games. You people might yourself don't know the solution to this. I am just level 53 but have the feelings for those who have spend...
  2. Eliezer (SWK)

    Hudge Difference on Cartel league medals

    Just starting the difference betwen players is extreme! Totally impossible to classify top 5 when #1 starts with 700 medals difference from #7.. No matter how clean you keep your map, there is no way to pass the league, therefore no possibilities to unlock the prison and get that 5% extra...
  3. V

    Bounty hounting day 3 - no attacks???

    Ftx can even one update pass without the bugs ?? As long as I play this game I can’t get from my mind that obviously your developers are total amateurs!!! Can you explain to me : 1. Why today on day 3 no one in my cartel doesn’t have attacks??? Is something changed or? 2. Does additional...
  4. Dęăťh fřóm Ąbøvĕ

    Better Solution than Miguel

    Hello @Chase - FTX Games and everyone. I know some might agree with my suggestion some may not, but everyone has his/her own thoughts/ideas. One came to my mind which i really wanted to share with @Chase - FTX Games and all Seniors Members. Well! As we all know that about 80% of members are...
  5. Dęăťh fřóm Ąbøvĕ

    Bounty Hunt Competition Date

    Hello Chase! How you doing bro? We are tired of waiting for Bounty Hunt Competition. Update has been given so many days ago but no competition has been started yet. @Chase - FTX Games Brother, Can you please let us know that when will the Bounty Hunt Competiton Start? Please...
  6. Dęăťh fřóm Ąbøvĕ

    Elite Raid Event

    Well! @Chase - FTX Games i know that most of us never do appreciate Ftx but today, i would like to thank Ftx very very much for this event. Really helpful and gears were good. Really feel like the game was like it was in start. :) I hope we will get Good events from you like this in future too...
  7. Dęăťh fřóm Ąbøvĕ


    Hello! Guys i need a help from Seniors here. I wanna ask how to calculate Big bang damage. For example:- 1: My per missile damage is 38,378 2: Starting energy is 57 3: My 3 diegos has 9/Diegos Bigbang= 27% Big Bang. What will be my Missile damage after i hit 7 missiles with one flashbang and...