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New Member
Oct 30, 2019
Somethings off here. Your "All Out War" activity requires way too much coins just to play. Come on, I set it to Legendary just to see how much it would cost to play. 10 million minimum bet! To put things into perspective, I'm level 1054 or something, platinum level and I collect 800k per 3 hours. Sure I signed up for email credits too 600k. I occasionally get lucky and find those wood chest to scrap some gas for my runs. 2 million at max if I land on one of the images. But 1 spin cost 10 million. Even the lowest level of the event for a gold chest still cost a minimum of 1 million per spin. That's about 10 to 15 spin with everything that I collect on a day. Even your packages arent good enough for me to purchase. $20 for 20 million? No way! You guys really need to rethink this through.

Ben - FTX Games

Staff member
Nov 27, 2018
Hello @slide_x

Thank you for your feedback and I will pass it on to our development team. Hard is meant to be a real challenge, this is also a reason that the team allows for multiple completions of all 3 dificulties as well as the ability to change the difficulty for each quest. I'd suggest building up a large base in easy or medium before attempting hard in the future.