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Huge increase in enemy outpost levels

Tampico Sunrise - Shark

Active Member
Mar 10, 2019
We previously heard that the more you attack outposts the higher level they become. It’s to prevent them from being too easy for you based on your troop upgrades and sics’ Talents and Skills.

On my level 41, outposts are currently level 53-55.

I think they want the game to be challenging, or in other words make you feel the need to upgrade and level up.


New Member
Aug 3, 2019
Hello @pablo67 , did you try the "Find other" button before contacting the support team?
Yes I did I clicked on a level 47 and I got a level 51 support team said the more you hit out posts the higher level they become but that didn’t happen on my other account or other people in my cartel or my friends I don’t hit outposts any more than anyone else the level and strength of the out post are just short of the outposts on my level 58 account on that account I get level 53 and just a little stronger than the level 51 I get on my level 41 it’s pointless I’ve just stopped hitting outposts the rewards are a waste of time compared to the losses
Jan 9, 2020
[QUOTE = "Vinnie Di Maggio, post: 14033, membro: 1687"]
Sì, hanno + 5% di salute e + 5% di danni.
ciao comunque basta aumentare l'eliporto che da energia in battaglia e costantemente aumentare i plotoni poi diventeranno una passeggiata solo con bombe senza mai scendere. ci vuole un po' di tempo ci sono passata anche io :)