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Recent content by Bonzo

  1. Bonzo

    What the actual (nice word) ?? !Clean version!

    That ain’t right mister. First thread I read on this here forum was your thread complaining loudly but justifiably about the money grabbing etc. etc.. Why you wanna shut him down? Just tired of the same complaints? Well then don’t read. But don’t read then reply... c’mon
  2. Bonzo


    Should be obvious by now. It costs gold to figure it out before you even start to buy chances to actually use it. Oops, spoiler alert...
  3. Bonzo


    By the time I figure out what I might have to do, I'd blown all my chances and refused to buy more dice. Ridiculous.
  4. Bonzo

    Finally fixed!! Well done FTX (Matchmaking,Skills,No Deploy)

    Fear not, more slot machine antics on the way....
  5. Bonzo


    Ridiculous. Yet another in game slot machine I imagine.
  6. Bonzo

    Chase nerf the big bang skill!!!!!!!

  7. Bonzo


    Talents are the same. You can't buy what you want, even though it seems like you can. You can only buy a chance to get what you want. With that chance, guess which way the odds are stacked? They took the talents scam and developed into an art form called skills. Got the skills you want? Lucky...
  8. Bonzo

    Saving the resources required for large upgrades

    Thanks again for this @lobsterboy. I'm almost at lvl 50, haven't bought gold in a while and am planning, carefully... 'Tis true gold diminishes slowly but steadily and with that I'm planning for the day of no shields. Blah, blah, no deploy, skills ********, nuff said. Progress should be...
  9. Bonzo

    Saving the resources required for large upgrades

    This is all good, thanks fellas!
  10. Bonzo

    Skill Set Tutorial

  11. Bonzo

    Skill Set Tutorial

    Well written to start off this thread. Very concise. @Chase? @FTX?
  12. Bonzo

    @chase ... skill explanation please

    Narcos Slots
  13. Bonzo

    I would like an official explanation

  14. Bonzo

    This Vote Needs You......Let's keep the Volume Up Peeps

    Utter, meaningless tosh.