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Recent content by Huanito

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    Thank you all , but im out

    After maximizing my account and paying great deal of money for new sics and gold you (ftx) finally brought a game changer that takes most players invesments to the drain. Forta should of come few month ago when we told you she is what we need , and not at this stage of game evolution after the...
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    New defense Sicario MAEVE

    Well, it's easy. The main skill of Maeve is to empty your pockets till it is drained out. The ftx team adds and invent more sicarios and more skills in order to make it impossible for you to get the high rank skill 5 for the sicario you wants. Now if you had a year ago a chance of 80% to get a...
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    Rigged roulette wheel

    Well....ofc it rigged , it's ftx.....must be. I just wonder how ppl end the event in 6 minutes while i finish it in 23 minutes..... Btw i got a pile of 500 gold and a blue armed truck health sicario.
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    BB and GD the stupidity at his best

    When they'll do that , no one will buy BB. Everyone will purchase just the GD and they will bunker them self with a defensive game tactic only. Now you have ppl purchasing both BB & GD in order to be strong in both defensive and ofensive..... It has more profitable for FTX so why would they...
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    6 sicario - bug

    Thx .....it was a late appearence on my play store..
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    6 sicario - bug

    Checked as he wrote it. It says 1 thing and only ....Uninstall..... :x
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    6 sicario - bug

    What new update?
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    How to replace Capo who is mia

    Sorry for bumping an old topic. @Chase - FTX Games can you ask devs to give a right hand to appoint other right hands next to him so the cartel can continue operating as a normal cartel? Since right hands can do almost everything as a Capo, it would be helpful for a cartel to function better...
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    So i've suspected. There were 2 guys who took my resources centers and i just couldn't take them back. They were constantly online every time i tried to get thos bases back. I gave up on thos bases....
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    Excessive marketing done by ftx

    It means one thing .....they made a sh*t load of money on our account so they can pop now in every app they want .
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    Be patient.you recieve dice on events.
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    So dont put them together..... I have just texted to chase. He told me that submarines and air baloons will appear on season 12.
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    The main problem in this game is us...

    They have no time. They are busy answering ppl at hunger games forum.
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    The main problem in this game is us...

    If after "near 100 threads" they pull the last update, i have got nothing to say anymore. Continue body to shout and complain. You're good at it...and on your way doing so, buy some more skill chests. They just love your investments in game.
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    The main problem in this game is us...

    Well, probably i am(wrong). I dont have as much messages as you do. But! A game must evolve and they did what they did. It doesnt contradict what im saying. As harder we complain the harder mistakes they are doing. We need to change something the way we do things or write things...or we just...