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Recent content by Snor

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    Time for someThing new

    @April - FTX Games It would be nice to know if we can expect something in the near futur or if ftx gave up on the game and releasing new content..? Thanks!
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    Time for someThing new

    It’s been a long time since we have seen some updates (expect vip club and bug fixes). Are there plans for something new? For example: -new raids/events -new finca level - new Prizes for weekly cartel chest -new prizes for roulette - update prizes from skill bases on map.. -new vip club...
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    reward for missing hunting crates

    Hello April, I contacted the team by choosing “report an issue” on Monday morning. I still can’t claim or see vip prizes, I didn’t even get a reaction from support. Only a mail to say they will respond within 24h. That was more than 55 hours ago...
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    And all android players can win extra VIP chest on challenger club, get extra gold daily, special chest, acces to vip sicario’s,.. quite unfair! Can we expect update today?? @April - FTX Games
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    Oooh I hope not! It’s been 2 days after Android got the update, do we really have to wait much longer..? @April - FTX Games
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    Fyber is a scam.

    Ok thanks April. I hope apple changes it back soon.
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    Fyber is a scam.

    For iOS it’s been a very long time since we have any decent offers. For months/year I had none, now I have one survey but not worth the effort.. Is there still hope the offer wall will be like it used to be for iOS users?
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    CHallengers Club: good idea, buried right after start!

    very very disappointing rewards Spend too much time for first place to win 4 "special" duffel bags 1) 4 x hardware (most useless price ever, but thanks to this event i got 2088 pieces instead of the 2080 before) (which most players will never need nor use nor earn much money by selling these)...