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Recent content by Zeus NoBull

  1. Zeus NoBull

    Chase are you still here?Just say Hi so we know you re fine

    The community leader has a life too! ;)
  2. Zeus NoBull

    Now 8 sicarios. ban the cheater! Bonus Health finca +64k and 7 sic

    Crab is on fire right now
  3. Zeus NoBull

    Just got "war" against NoBull, 42 levels higher than us

    We understand if you wish to protest the war Portugal. As Serge said if it were up to us we would face the top 5 cartels every time, but it does certainly suck when we can't find war for days. And as Cruzzer said, even the top 5 cartels would prefer not to war with us, so you are not alone.
  4. Zeus NoBull


  5. Zeus NoBull

    Ideas to fix "always online" problem

    Hey Sekou buddy. You use an autoclicker/bot. No way in ___ you are up for more hours of the day than me. I didn't sleep at all last night and you haven't been offline at all. Don't post on the "always online" thread with your irrelevant opinion until you start following the rules like the rest...
  6. Zeus NoBull

    Smoke and paratroopers

    So you seem to have become very dependent on the Smoke glitch. But what good is it if everyone can do it?? It was never an attack strategy, and it was only around for a few weeks...so what did you do before the smoke glitch?? Or did you just start playing the game?
  7. Zeus NoBull

    Smoke and paratroopers

    No man!! Don't flash that ****e for gold!!! Lol. Paratroopers are worth taking your time and upgrading to max but smoke I would probably save that upgrade for the last possible thing you do when you have nothing left
  8. Zeus NoBull

    Smoke and paratroopers

    Highly doubt it. I am at 6/5 right now and after the research it will be 6/6.. if the research was done before the last update it probably would have been 7 or even 8 lmao
  9. Zeus NoBull

    Smoke and paratroopers

    It is impossible to defend such an attack no matter where your defenses are placed. The fix is coming next weekend.
  10. Zeus NoBull

    Cartel Port!! What a total waste of time....

    Mr. Sheildy is your best friend Max
  11. Zeus NoBull

    War Rewards

    I've heard a relatively plausible theory that war rewards are based on the total amount of damage inflicted between your three attacks..but I'm sure the guy who deals 100% damage to the compound Finca and two other huge bases still would not have enough reward loot to cover the initial cost of...
  12. Zeus NoBull

    Smoke and paratroopers

    I always thought of the smoke screen as just a way to temporary sheild your squads from enemy defenses. For instance, maybe if you had some troops attacking the Finca outside of the line of fire of any weapons and there was another group of your troops attacking weapons, you could temporarily...
  13. Zeus NoBull

    Cartel Port!! What a total waste of time....

    For instance say you have five million in cash, you get raided and you lose one million cash.. the attacker is not getting one million I would say they would get 250k IF they were lucky. What happens to the excess ?!
  14. Zeus NoBull

    Cartel Port!! What a total waste of time....

    Another issue I have with this whole losing resources after your base is raided is that the person making the attack against you does not get all of the resources that you lose. It seems like they kind of just disappear.