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  1. Tigerman

    Talent and sacrifice sicario

    Hello. Am playing in Italian and have a little trouble understanding the meaning of sacrifice of a sicario in order to get a talent. Is there some dedicated webpage or thread where this is explained in detail ? I could not find it. Also, currently level 12, do I always need a certain amount of...
  2. Renan

    Poll Time!

    Regardless of the chaos FTX is making right now, I was just wondering what's your favourite thing that they introduced to the game. But I'm probably too naïve hoping they will freshen things up and add something good again to the game.
  3. VeniVidiVici


    I don't know about others but why there is no more 5,99€ deals in my game? Sometimes u need just one specific thing like parts or sicarios, so guys bring that back.
  4. VeniVidiVici

    Sicario's talents

    I've just spend over 2500 gold looking for rocket louncher health 16 or 20% with no luck. The best i get is 12% after 50 or more different talents, but what is bother me is that there is a ton of talents which are just crap and system is ****, when u hoping u get better talents after refleshing...
  5. G

    Sicarios fake health level

    Somebody can explain me how come is posible that my sicario Diego level 50 with 18.200 + 1.820 of health (19.020) can be killed by a cannon level 10 with (only three shots) if it have less than 700 of damage power? isn't it suposed to need 22 shots to kill my sicario? that kind of things...