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  1. Bogan

    Everyone having a Cry

    i don't know about all you's but I am sick to death of all these players having a cry and constant whinge about how there Diego squads are now useless. *****ATTENTION EVERYONE***** They arn't useless you just have to use them the way you used to use them, you know blowing up afew building then...
  2. Renan

    Poll Time!

    Regardless of the chaos FTX is making right now, I was just wondering what's your favourite thing that they introduced to the game. But I'm probably too naïve hoping they will freshen things up and add something good again to the game.
  3. T

    Update for iOS Argentina

    Hi! Someone knows when the update for iOS in Argentina is going to be released? Thanks
  4. M

    “Pump and dump”

    I’ve been thinking; what FTX does on a regular basis of introducing a buffed sicario/ability then nerfing it or introducing an opposite/nerfing sicario ostensibly for balancing purposes is basically an elaborate “pump and dump” scheme, which is illegal and by no means a part of a legitimate...
  5. Hbanx

    Suggestions from a gaming enthusiast

    the initiative of this post despite that all that was said is unfeasible, developers are too feigning, I may be tough in my remarks but developers do not deserve a community like this. I hope all players contribute to this initiative. Let's start by making a list of things that must...
  6. Hbanx

    New upeate :(

    We look forward to every new update, but this is the disappointment every time. Why you don't listen to the players? We do not ask you to add new things to us but to correct some things. ---> the rewards of wars is mediocre compared to the investment ---> add life for finca to avoid attacks...
  7. VeniVidiVici

    Update good or bad

    I like the update specialy rewards for each day and gold in black market, also i hope u fixed matchmaking that was the biggest problem. And i noticed enemy outposts have now bonus health and dmg, why that?
  8. Hbanx

    The update that will make me stop the games

    I had started the game a long time ago, more than 8 months, I had stoped for 3 months becauses of the players who was too high compared to my level, a friend said to me that it was fixed so i Resumed the game, and today you take out the update that had made me leave the games. I am level 43...