Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Join the Impossible Missions Force (IMF) in the Official Mission: Impossible Social Game.
Enter the world of the films and take the leading role of an underground secret agent. Mission: Impossible is the ultimate social spy game where dangerous missions, should you choose to accept them, are waiting around every corner. Create your own 3D animated operative, assemble a team of covert agents and work together to take down terrorist leaders. Live the life of a secret agent.

Take down enemy bosses!

Cooperate with your team of operatives to find and eliminate the enemy as each player specializes in their own spycraft!

Create your own IMF Agent

Use thousands of combinations of disguises and gear.

Personal Safehouse

Collect gadgets and gear for your safehouse to aid you in your missions.

Explore exotic locations from the films

Your missions will take you around the world to the iconic locations from the Mission: Impossible films.