Welcome to Dirt!

Rango: The WORLD allows fans of the movie to step into the Rango universe and become a citizen of the town of Dirt. Fans can create their own avatar, join their friends, and explore the dynamic world of the film.  Along the way players will embark on quests, compete in games and customize their own personal house in town.

Live the Expanded Story

Interact with the characters from the film as they send you on missions laced with an extended story directed by the author of the film.

Customize Your Character

Choose from thousands of combinations of colors and features, name your lizard and then unlock hundreds of new clothing options as you explore the World.

Authentic visuals

The WORLD was created by working closely with the amazing animated film assets and using cutting edge technology to create one of the best looking social worlds ever created.

Free forever

Play for free as long as you want!