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  1. dsounded

    Sicarios challenge becomes a nightmare

    I do believe when you just released this type of event it was ok. But now there are same players among multiple leagues, this brings unfair results and bad BAD user experience. Here are some examples.
  2. Pablo Escobar

    Big Bang Disappeared !!!

    Hi All, It may be weird, but I had 60% Big Bang, just out of a sudden I found one of them is gone and it is not there anymore, All started when I wanted to play the event last Friday, I couldn't use Rosa since it is still lvl 50, the event minimum sicarios were lvl 60. Then I decided to use 2...


    When i attack and click 2x or 4x, game gets huge lag, the screen freezes until the attack is over.
  4. L

    Black Market bug

    Although you have already bought all the black market offers, it still shows that there is capacity. Correct this in an upcoming update.
  5. M

    Bug or cheating?

    We have been in a war today and or compound was attacked by the guy that is on the video attached. I'm still trying to figure out how if you deploy parashooters over the missile launchers and gas cannons they are disabled for the rest of the attack. This guy has a base with only one storage...
  6. A

    Possible bug on map, area blocked although adjacent areas are captured

    Hi, I have encountered a strange situation on my map. As it can be seen in the screenshots, I have an area (with resource center) which is grayed out, with the standard message that the adjacent areas must be captured first. What is strange is that this area had 2 adjacent areas just below it...
  7. WorldCitizen

    BUG: Focus behaviour

    Hi, There is a little issue with Focus. I am going to try and explain it. Example troop = Fuegos When your Fuegos are spread out over a map in 2 locations. Lets call them A and B. And you want to focus all the Fuegos towards location B. If I select all squads in the bottom left and press on...
  8. Doods1985

    HUGE bug in cartel wars ! Lost an attack

    I gave a pretty bad review in google play , il edit it when this be sorted out ! Problem IS : playing a cartel war , made an attack on my second attack slot , spent litterally about 30 minutes planning the attack , went back to base to get money , came back made recruits ready , attacked , it...
  9. J

    Ios update problem

    On my iphone i am not able to load the game on this device as it loads half way i am prompted with this message... and i check the ios "app store" and there is no offered update for this game title..?
  10. Hbanx

    [POLL] Should punish those who use a bug?

    As we know a lot of players uses the bug to have extra sicarios and bonus on theire deffence and fincas, this is so unfair, impossible to beat them. What do you think? They need to be punished? Say whye if no If yes say what kind of punishment
  11. >[Droopy]<

    No resource bonus in map view - Resorces over GONE General:( (Bunker storage bonus GONE)

    Hello, Resources Dropped Due to removal of bonus when switchin from base view to map view and back to base view. I am saving up for the 8,000,000 cash Fuegos upgrade. I have 8516K capacity total including the bonus applied. When I go to map view, I think the bonus drops. And my cash is full...